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justice-unicorn asked: i think about you a lot.

justice-unicorn asked: My love of loves, my dear of dears. Days pass and still I smile at the slightest hint, or memory, of your attentions. I wish to be with you now and always, as always. Your, william.

Ah, my william,

it’s been so long…and yet you still live on as my love of loves and dear of dears through this vast web of 0101s. How your messages always make me smile.

Ever true, Stephanie Marie 

justice-unicorn asked: MY LOVE!


Anonymous asked: Hi, your success is so inspiring!:) Do you have any loose skin? If so, what do you do to combat it or does it not bother you? And how many calories roughly do you eat a day? I'm on a health journey too (17 yrs old) and I've really been struggling but I'm seeing a dietician soon so I hope they can help. I would love to feel great about myself, my body and my health again. Congratulations for doing such an amazing job<3

Well, Heeello there, Anon. Thanks for the message!! As a matter of fact I do not have loose skin. I don’t think. I wish you the absolute best of luck on your quest to lose weight. Everyone deserves to love themselves a little and I sincerely hope you find that. 

Until then, I’m here.

Stephanie Marie~

operation-hourglass asked: Hi Stephanie Marie! I just had to come by and say hello, and tell you that I adore your blog! I just saw your before & after photos: Congratulations on your success! You look fabulous & your blog is so perf! Have a fabulous weekend! xo Alyssa

You are so sweet! Thanks, Love!!! I’m glad you like the insanity that is my blog. Hope you have a great week~

lauwkee asked: Wow! You are a big inspiration for me! I really really want to lose weight to. And I really need to, because I'm not healthy. I hope I can make before and after pictures some time too. Do you maybe have some tips?

THANK YOU!!! My only advice would be to have a plan and follow it through. Weight loss is possible for everyone! There will be days that you’ll be rocking in the weight loss realm and other days were you just want to live the ever-eating-life of a hippo, but they will pass. 

Just. Keep. GOING!




i think he is taking this pretty serious since he knows the whole dance

Just killing it

I sincerely hope that he keeps being so fantastic.